8/21        Comedy On Aviation                                   El Segundo, CA                    Link

                                                                                   8/22        Wursthaus                                                   Santa Ana, CA                     Link

                                                                                   8/23        Skiptown Playhouse                                    Los Angeles, CA                  Link

                                                                                   8/24        The Stackz Co                                             Rancho Cucamonga, CA     Link

                                                                                   8/29        Whats So Funny                                          Vista, CA                              Link

                                                                                   8/31       Wrigley Comedy Chew                                 Long Beach, CA                   Link

                                                                                   9/16       Petie's Place                                                Tarzana, CA                          Link

                                                                                   9/21       Just Tryna to Make Friends                          San Diego, CA                     Link

                                                                                   9/25        Fountain Theatre                                         Hollywood, CA                      Link

                                                                                   9/26        Cowafunga                                                   Inglewood, CA                     Link

                                                                                  10/2         Ontario Improv                                             Ontario, CA                          Link